AGA Group 5 new vacancies


1)Position:  Manufacturing Engineer

Minimum Requirement– 5 years of experience in a similar position with similar duties.
Must have Bachelors degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
Excellent Command of the English Language.
Reports To: Lead manufacturing engineer

Purpose:  Manufacturing Engineer  understands and applies engineering procedures in manufacturing processes and production methods. He or she must have the ability to plan the methods of manufacturing; to research and to develop tools, processes, machines and equipment; and to integrate the facilities and systems for producing quality products with the optimum expenditure of capital.

Responsibility: Develops and improves manufacturing processes by studying product and manufacturing methods.

Manufacturing Engineer Job Duties:

• Evaluates manufacturing processes by designing and conducting research programs; applying knowledge of product design, fabrication, assembly, tooling, and materials; conferring with equipment vendors; soliciting observations from operators.
• Must have in-depth knowledge of CNC Machining, Precision welding and component assembly
• Develops manufacturing processes by studying product requirements; researching, designing, modifying, and testing manufacturing methods and equipment; conferring with equipment vendors.
• Improves manufacturing efficiency by analyzing and planning work flow, space requirements, and equipment layout.
• Assures product and process quality by designing testing methods; testing finished- product and process capabilities; establishing standards; confirming manufacturing processes.
• Provides manufacturing decision-making information by calculating production, labor, and material costs; reviewing production schedules; estimating future requirements.
• Prepares product and process reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends. .
• Provides manufacturing engineering information by answering questions and requests.
• Maintains product and company reputation by complying with government and international regulations.
• Keeps equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services; following manufacturer’s instructions and established procedures; requesting special service.
• Maintains product and process data base by writing computer programs; entering data.
• Completes design and development projects by training and guiding technicians.
• Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
• Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Manufacturing Engineer Skills and Qualifications:

• Dealing with Complexity
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Leadership
• Supervision
• Hardware Specifications
• Manufacturing Methods and Procedures
• Manufacturing Quality
• Product Development
• Tool, Jigs and Fixtures designing
• Presenting Technical Information
• CAD, CAD/CAM Circuit Design

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2)Position:  Chief Engineer Manufacturing  
Reports To: Engineering Manager

Purpose:  Develops manufacturing processes, process improvements, and provides related technical support. Manage manufacturing related projects and coordinate activities with various internal and external suppliers. Conceive, design, develop and implement new production lines to manufacture products.

Minimum Requirement – 10+ Years of Experience in setting up and leading a manufacturing plant.
Bachelors in Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
Excellent Command of the English Language.


• Develop a system of stating and modeling capacity in critical plant operations
• Lead capital justification and implementations.
• Work with planning and design staff concerning product design and tooling to ensure efficient production methods.
• Coordinate engineering change activities for manufacturing.
• Participate in insuring product quality both in day-to-day assembly and overall reliability.
• Develop work flow process for manufacturing assembly lines.
• Translate all technical releases to shop packages that include special material, machines, tooling, or processes.
• Design jigs/fixtures that ensure materials are produced efficiently and conform to print specification.
• Process improvement skills including the use of Lean Six Sigma tools to drive increased manufacturing productivity, efficiency and safety.


• Must have excellent project management and proven cross-functional team leading skills.
• Ability to read blue prints at an advanced level.
• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified
• CAD or 3D modeling system operational knowledge at an intermediate level.
• Knowledge of multiple manufacturing processes including – CNC Machining, turning, milling, grinding, welding, press forming, casting, forging and broaching.
• Ability to think spatially and creatively at an advanced level.
• Must have proven experience in performing time studies and setting routing standards.
• Ability to analyze and plan work force utilization, space requirements, workflow and designs layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency and safety.

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3)Position:  Welding Engineer

Reports To: Chief Engineer – Manufacturing

Purpose:  To provide welding engineering services for the engineering and manufacturing teams. Conduct welding engineering improvement projects to enhance function, profitability and marketability of products. Develop, qualify and provide technical expertise with procedures and welding techniques to support the fabrication of custom designed equipment.


• Develops welding techniques, procedures, and application of welding equipment to problems involving fabrication of metals, utilizing knowledge of production specifications, properties and characteristics of metals and metal alloys, and engineering principles: Conducts research and development investigations to develop and test new fabrication processes and procedures, improve existing or develop new welding equipment, develop new or modify current welding methods, techniques, and procedures, discover new patterns of welding phenomena, or to correlate and substantiate hypotheses.
• Prepares technical reports as result of research and development and preventive maintenance investigations.
• Establishes welding procedures to guide production and welding personnel relating to specification restrictions, material processes, pre- and post-heating requirements which involve use of complex alloys, unusual fabrication methods, welding of critical joints, and complex postheating requirements.
• Evaluates new developments in welding field for possible application to current welding problems or production processes.
• Directs and coordinates technical personnel in performing inspections to ensure workers’ compliance with established welding procedures, restrictions, and standards; in testing welds for conformance with national code requirements; or testing welding personnel for certification.
• Contacts personnel of other agencies, engineering personnel, or clients to exchange ideas, information, or offer technical advice concerning welding matters.
• May perform experimental welding to evaluate new equipment, techniques, and materials.
• Analyze engineering designs for welding requirements.
• Has responsibility of coordinating multiple projects and directing outside test laboratories and contract welding facilities.
• Plan, conduct, track and report welding engineering investigations.
• Oversee welding procedure qualification and generate welding procedures to assist manufacturing and welding personnel.
• Investigate new developments in the field of welding to evaluate their possible application to improve or remedy existing welding processes.
• Provide welding engineering support to Engineering, Quality and Manufacturing to fabricate equipment in accordance with all applicable code and customer requirements.
• Provide technical support with industry standards and specification.
• Coordinate failure analyses and root cause analysis on welding related issues.

• Proficient in use of computer work processor and spreadsheet software.
• Ability to communicate in English effectively both orally and in writing through memos and engineering reports.
• Bachelors degree in Welding Engineering or a similar
• Licensed professional engineer or AWS Certified Welding Engineer Status.
• Understanding of mechanical and structural components as it relates to welding engineering assessments and recommendations.
• Must be able to work well with others in a team setting.
• Ability to work independently.
• Must be able to effectively handle many concurrent projects.
• Knowledge and practical experience of common welding processes such as SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and SAW..
• Experience in welding carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steels and nickelbased alloys.
• Fundamental knowledge in NDE; ability to categorize & quantify weld defects.
• Must have experience in designing and utilizing welding tools, fixtures and jigs for precision welding projects.
• Minimum 7 years of Experience

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4)Position:  Civil Engineer –  x 1

Reports To: Chief Engineer – Civil & Structural

Responsibility:  Completes construction and fabrication projects by preparing engineering design and documents; developing, calculating and confirming specifications.

Civil Engineer Responsibilities:

• Designs construction and structural projects by studying project concept, architectural drawings, and models.
• Prepares engineering design by collecting and studying reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photographs and tests on soil composition, terrain, hydrological characteristics, and related topographical and geologic data.
• Determines project costs by calculating labor, material, and related costs.
• Prepares feasibility study by analyzing engineering design; conducting impact studies; assembling data.
• Prepares engineering documents by developing construction specifications, plans, and schedules.
• Confirms adherence to construction specifications and safety standards by monitoring project progress; inspecting construction site; verifying calculations and placements.
• Fulfills project requirements by training and guiding operators.
• Maintains operations by enforcing project and operational policies and procedures.
• Provides engineering information by answering questions and requests.
• Complies with local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating future legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.
• Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed
• Developing detailed designs.
• Doing feasibility assessments and site inspections.
• Preparing and implementing project plans.
• Researching and providing estimates for projects.
• Monitoring and optimizing safety procedures, production processes, and regulatory compliance.
• Making recommendations or presenting alternative solutions to problems.
• Confidently liaising with clients and other professional subcontractors.
• Project management duties (e.g. managing budgets, resources, and deadlines; acquiring and compiling quotes, etc.).

Civil Engineer Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or related field, accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers.
• Registration/Licensure as a Professional Engineer will be preferred.
• A minimum of Seven years’ industry knowledge may be strongly desired.
• Excellent Command of the English Language.
• Familiarity with design software Tekla Structures , AutoCad, E – Take off systems, Structural analysis software.
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, with a high level of accuracy in calculations and design.
• Excellent time management skills to ensure project deadlines are met.
• Leadership skills to effectively manage a diverse group of professionals working on one project.
• Ability to coordinate more than one project at a time.

Please indicate the announced position “Civil Engineer” in the subject line and send your CV to below mentioned e-mail address:   


5)Position:  Mechanical Engineer –  x 1

Reports To: Chief Engineer – Manufacturing

Purpose:  The mechanical engineer will provide efficient solutions to the development of processes and products, ranging from small component designs to complex engineered systems and machinery.

Responsibility: The mechanical engineer will  be responsible for researching, designing and developing engineered systems and improving production processes.

• designing and implementing cost-effective equipment modifications to help improve safety, cost competency, quality and reliability.
• developing  project specifications with a  team of engineers, often including those from other engineering disciplines.
• developing, testing and evaluating theoretical designs
• discussing and solving complex problems with manufacturing departments, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers
• making sure a product can be made reliably and will perform consistently in specified operating environments
• managing projects using engineering principles and techniques
• planning and designing new production processes
• producing details of specifications and outline designs
• recommending modifications following prototype test results
• using research, analytical, conceptual and planning skills, particularly mathematical modelling and computer-aided design
• considering the implications of issues such as cost, safety and time constraints
• working with other professionals, within and outside the engineering sector
• monitoring and commissioning plant and systems.


• a high level of technical and scientific knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge to practical problems
• good oral communication skills and confidence in dealing with a range of people, including clients, contractors, designers, directors and plant operators
• precise and concise written communication skills
• the ability to work well within a team
• IT skills, particularly computer-aided design
• creative ability
• the ability to work under pressure
• organisational skills, such as time and resource planning.


• Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineer / Aerospace Engineering  or a similar discipline
• 7 Years of experience.
• Excellent Command of the English Language.

Please indicate the announced position “Mechanical Engineer” in the subject line and send your CV to below mentioned e-mail address:  



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